TerreNezt is a Regulation D (of Securities Exchange Commissions) compliant company. Companies that comply with the requirements of Regulation D do not have to register their offering of securities with the SEC, but they must file “Form D” electronically with the SEC after they first sell their securities. Form D is a brief notice that includes the names and addresses of the company’s promoters, executive officers and directors, and some details about the offering, but contains little other information about the company. By virtue of your acceptance of this document you agree to keep all its contents confidential.

TerreNezt offers a SEC Reg D 506(B) offering and only those who have pre-existing relationship with leadership team are eligible to invest. No warranties or representations of any kind are made in reference to the accuracy of the content. All estimates, projections are subject to change. Nothing in this document is intended to be or should be construed as investment advice. Every potential investor should do their own due diligence, including seeking their own tax and legal advice with regard to any investment documents. This material does not constitute an offer or a solicitation to purchase securities. An offer can only be made by a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and subscription package. This document is an informational summary of the prospective investment opportunity only.

The Membership Interests represented hereby have not been registered under the Securities Act (as hereinafter defined), and may not be sold, pledged or otherwise transferred without an effective registration thereof under the Securities Act or an opinion of legal counsel, that such registration is not required. The Membership Interests are being offered and sold under the exemption provided by Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act and pursuant to Rule 506(b) thereunder.  There is no obligation on the issuer to register the Membership Interests under the Securities Act.  A purchaser of any Membership Interest must be prepared to bear the economic risk of the investment for an indefinite period of time.

The Membership Interests represented hereby have not been reviewed or approved by the securities administrators of certain states or other jurisdictions nor have they been qualified or registered under the applicable securities laws of certain states or other jurisdictions and are being offered and sold in reliance on exemptions from the qualification or registration requirements of such laws.  Therefore, a purchaser of any Membership Interest will not be able to resell it unless the Membership Interest is qualified or registered under the applicable state securities laws or laws of other jurisdictions or unless an exemption from such qualification or registration is available.

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